Basic directions

• Main directions

• Establishing partnerships with foreign universities, the relevant interests of the strategic development of the University.

• Development of joint educational programs with foreign partner universities (program 2 Bachelor level diploma, master).

• Development and coordination of programs of foreign scientific training of magistrates, doctoral students in all specialties University training.

• Management of joint research programs and projects of the University.

• Development and implementation of programs of external academic mobility of students, magistrates and university lecturers.

• Preparation and holding of the international nature of the event at the University (including SPC, forums, seminars, involving scientists from foreign universities).

• Implementation of the Representation of the University at the international level.

• Creating a positive image of the University in the international market of educational services.

• Attracting foreign students to study.

• Fundraising. The search for additional sources of funding for the implementation of international programs and projects at the University.

• Management and coordination of the international service of the University.

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