Basic information

Basic information


Kazakh-Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University

School of Tutoring KAZHJIU



The school of Tutoring of the Kazakh-Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University is the structural division of KAZHJIU acting under the solution of the Academic council of university of 27.06.2013 (protocol No. 10)

The school is guided by the Provision on School of Tutoring and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Activity of School of Tutoring is directed on satisfaction of educational needs of the personality and creation of the educational environment for self-determination of the personality and her self-realization at the level of the international standards.

The purpose of School of Tutoring - high-quality preparation trained on different disciplines.





Principal of School of Tutoring

Zhampeisova Lisa Magauyanovna


Training courses are conducted within academic year on all disciplines from 3.20 p.m. Training languages – Kazakh, Russian.

The school provides high-quality educational services on preparation:


* unified national testing (UNT) (students in grades 10-11)

* to comprehensive testing (college students, and others.);

* to the subject Olympiads in all subjects (students 8-10 grades);

* to enroll in high schools, gymnasiums, intellectual schools (students grades 5-7);

* test students to determine a basic level of training;

* individual lessons for students grades 5-11;

* individual sessions with students;

* distance learning (online tutorials, online advice);

* psychological counseling for students and their parents;

* tutoring service for primary school students.


Address: Semey city, street of Abay 94, office No. 17.

ph. 8 (7222) 36-02-59, 8 702 826 02 83


skype: repetitor.L


In the 2013-2014 academic year

In the 2013-2014 academic year, from 600 students of the School of Tutoring KAZHJIU 100 students were awarded state educational grants. Average results of UNT of trained students was 88.5 points.

In the 2014-2015 academic year

In the 2014-2015 academic year, from 400 students of the School of Tutoring KAZHJIU 100 students were awarded state educational grants. An average result of UNT of trained students was 89 points.


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