Department of Civil Law Disciplines

Zav. kafedry GPD

Head: Flyura Galimovna Ibragimova

Academic degree and title: Candidate of Legal Sciences.

Research interests: theory of state and law, civil law, civil - procedural law

Personal, professional achievements and the head of the department teachers: Teachers of the department are constantly improving their skills, participate in conferences, round tables, conducted online - lectures, held training courses and research internships.

Member of the Republican educational - methodical section on a group of specialties "Right."

In 2000 he graduated with honors from the Kazakh State Academy of Law, the Faculty of law enforcement agencies, listed in the "Golden Book KazHJIU graduates.

In 2006 he graduated from the correspondence postgraduate study at the Institute of Private Law KazHJIU in specialty 12.00.03 - civil law, family law ,, business law, international private law, civil litigation, international commercial arbitration.

In 2010, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Storage Contract by the RK legislation, scientific adviser Doctor of Law prof. Kaudyrov Tolesh Yerdenovich.

Since 2000 and currently carries out his career in the Kazakh Humanitarian - Law University Innovation Semey in office Ph.D. senior lecturer, head of the department of civil - legal disciplines.

Repeatedly held refresher courses, training, am a member of the working group on grant financing of MES RK, a member of the group RTMC "Law" specialties, director of scientific - research center "Actual problems of jurisprudence" KazHJIU.

28.01.13-02.02.13 GG Internship at the Legal Institute of the KNU. J. Balasagyn. Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

He is a regular lecturer at "Institute of Accountants" Semey

Participation in social activities Head of Department and teachers:

The staff of the department of social activity provides advisory work, take active part in all the sports events in the city and the region.

Awards, prizes and Head of the Department teachers

She was awarded with certificates of akim, the University management, the winner of the nomination "The best teacher of the Kazakh State University."

Certificate for participation in the training seminar "Preparation of the report on the university self-assessment within the specialized accreditation" Semey (2014)

Certificate of participation in a training seminar-training "Information resources and databases of the company« Elsevier »(2014)

The certificate for the successful participation in the Regional Forum Knowledge Gender and women's rights. (2014)

Address of the department and office number: Department of civil and legal disciplines is located at ul. Abaya 94, office number 4.

Tel / Fax of the department: 8 (7222) 525226, 567358

E-mail the department:





Department of Laboratory

Ergalieva Gulden



At the Department of Civil Law Disciplines carried career teachers providing instruction cycle tsivilisticheskoy disciplines: civil law and procedure, family, labor, housing, Roman law, intellectual property law, international private law and others.

In recent years, the department joined the talented young teachers having academic degree Master of Laws, which pass on their knowledge and experience of the older generation.

GPA The department was organized in 2002 after the division of the department of legal disciplines.

For the Department contained the following educational disciplines: Civil law (general and special part); Civil Procedure Law, Notary, Law, Land Law, Labor and Employment Law, Labor disputes, Audit Law, Environmental Law, Legal Regulation gosudarsvetnnyh procurement, Commercial and Business Law, Real Estate Law, International Private Law, Business Law, Family Law, and others.

The department GPA developed and introduced new courses teaching process, for daytime, evening, distance learning: Intellectual property rights, contracts in the field of the paid services, Property Law, Labor disputes, Information Law, Current problems of labor law, Actual problems of civil and civil procedural law, Inheritance Law and the hereditary process, etc.

Innovative processes in education, transition to a new educational paradigm and implementation of the national model determine the importance of the problem of student-centered learning and the need to rethink the design of forms of the educational process as a management student's cognitive activity. This, in turn, determines the need for technologies that take into account the individual characteristics of students and carry out multilevel training. The organization of educational process at the department due to the GPA under the credit system of training taking into account the quality of the teaching staff of the department of educational services to meet the university requirements for manufactured specifically to ensure the prospects of their demand on the labor market. development and use of modern educational technologies, influencing the increase of Learning learners, staff of the department participated in workshops on innovative technologies and best practices in higher education, control of introduced technology and the effectiveness of techniques; improving the quality of educational-methodical and information security: security literature, the publication of educational and teaching aids teaching staff of the department, development and creation of high-quality teaching materials on the subjects.

As one of the recognized research centers, the Department does not lose connection with the practice. Department of Representatives consistently work in scientific advisory councils under local executive bodies, public associations, non-governmental organizations, the media and others. Confirmation of the high authority of the department are the treatment of various organizations and individuals to provide advice on the most complex issues of practical application of civil, housing, family, labor legislation.

The department is working on a research theme "Actual problems of civil law" carried out in the framework of the scientific research center of the object of study, which are "mechanisms guarantee the implementation and protection of rights of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the 2050 Strategy" - the number of state. registration in the Committee of Science MES 0003RN00311 from 03.05.2013g.

PPS department organized and conducted Rabo scientific teoretichesy seminar on "Discussion of the draft Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Discussion of the draft he Citizens protsessuualnogo Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Legal regulation of the bankruptcy proceedings", as educational and methodological seminar on the topic was held "State support and encouraging corporate employees "," Ensuring the integration of education, science and industry, the creation of conditions of commercialization of intellectual property products and technologies. "

As teachers of the department participated in the International nachuno-practical conference "The development of e-democracy in Russia", October 30, 2015 Altai Academy of Economics and Law (Barnaul) - JK Karazhanova Families қalasy, Halyқaralyқ ғylymi-tәzhіribelіk conference "Ulttyk philosophy zhane Zhana dүnietanymdyқ paradigmalar", 14-15 april 2015 w.

3 monographs have been published.

  1. "Legal reguliovanie private - legal relations: some questions of the theory and practice of" call. aut. Ibragimov, FG, MA Amirov, Kayshataeva AK Raimbekova Zh.E., Razieva DB Razimova AM Zhampeisov DA
  2. "Modern Pentathlon zamanғy ғylymi құқyқtyқ zertteuler" call. aut. Zhampeisov DA, DA Zhampeisov, Kayshataeva AK Karazhanova JK, Kasiev TB, Smagulova AB, TK Nurekeshov
  3. "Zaңdy tұlғalardy құru, taratudyң zhalpy erezhelerі" author. Kasiev TB, Zhampeisov DA, DA Zhampeisov
  4. During the period from 14 to 28 April 2015 invited scientists from the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, China, Beijing. There was a lecture Doctor of Law, Professor Liu Yongyan on the subject "Principles of law in China."

Kayshataeva AK within the framework of academic mobility Syndzyanky visited China University of China, Beijing and read lectures for undergraduates specialty "jurisprudence" on the subject "Legal regulation of commercial activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "Legal regulation of foreign labor in the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Kayshataeva AK and Rakhimov AM within the framework of academic mobility read lectures on distsiplninam "Business Law of RK" and "Bar" in the amount of 2 credits in Innovative Eurasian Universitetet metro station Pavlodar.

During the 8 years at the Department of the GPA operates scientific club "Azamat" on civil issues, labor and family law, in which the organization of the major role played by teachers of the faculty and the best students. Notable is the well-established work of student legal clinic at the department, which stdenty provide free qualified legal assistance to the population of the region.

Students majoring in "Jurisprudence" participate in scientific students' circles "Young Tsivilist", "Azamat" to further enhance the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as the preparation of scientific papers for the student conference.

Ibragimov FG He is a member of the working group of the scientific project "Status and prospects of intellectual and professional women's capacity at the level of decision-making in government agencies (for example, the East Kazakhstan region)", funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Issued teaching methodology and teaching aids:

  1. Tastekeev KK "Keden іsіn ұyyndastyru";
  2. Tastekeev KK "Daғdarysқa қarsy management";
  3. Zhampeisov DA, DA Zhampeisov "Labor Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan"
  4. Zhampeisov DA, DA Zhampeisov "The right to social security"
  5. Razieva DB "Workshop on Labour Law", and others.
  6. Ibragimov FG "Storage Agreement in the Republic of Kazakhstan"
  7. Kayshataeva AK "Kazakhstan Respublikasyndaғy sabaқtas құқyқtardyң azamattyқ-құқyқtyқ retteuі"

The department is constantly working to develop the vision, values ​​and policies of the Department of quality. The department maintains a business relationship with a number of public and private enterprises, as evidenced by the presence of agreements on practical training of students of full-time and correspondence courses "Law" specialties: Court №1, Justice Department Semey, "ATF Bank" GU "Department of Employment and social programs, "SI" Akimat of Semey ", law firms, notaries, and other microcredit organizations.

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