Department of business and management


Head of the department: Turdieva Zuhra Mahmutovna

Scientific / academic degree head of the department: Dr. PhD.

Head of research interests. department: a study of economic efficiency of agricultural enterprises on the basis of the use of biofuels.

Personal, professional achievements of staff of the department: PhD, Professor of associating Ziyadin ST - The owner of the international scholarship "Bolashak"; member of the educational-methodical council RTMC MES, expert committee on the preparation and publication of textbooks MES; Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2014). Dr. PhD Turdieva ZM - Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Agrarian Education (2014); "The best scientist in Science" - Ph.D. Turdieva ZM (2014). Department of "Finance" in the nomination "the best departments in Science" (2014).

Participation in social activities manager. department and teachers:

Head and teachers are actively involved in the social activities of the university: round tables; meetings, voluntary work, etc.

Address of the department and office number: Str. Abaya 107, 203.219 offices, building №2.

E-mail Head of the Department:

Tel / Fax of the department: 52-45-86

E-mail the department:

Assistant of Department:  Semeyhanova Asem Maksatovna
General information on the activities of the department:

From September 2013 - Acting Head of the Department Ph.D., Dr. PhD Turdieva Zuhra Mahmutovna. Author of about 40 scientific works, including scientific journals VAK of the Russian Federation; included in the list of the Committee on Education and Science of Kazakhstan; materials of international and republican conferences and journals with non-zero inpakt factor included in the database of Scopus.

Department of "Department of business and management" is a graduate in the field 5050900 "Finance"; 5B050800 "Accounting and Auditing". The research work of the teaching staff is carried out under the theme "Modern trends in the Republic of Kazakhstan financial market." The faculty of the department developed and published 5 monographs, 2 textbooks, 10 manuals. Teachers of the department held training courses and research internships at the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in foreign countries: the United States, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia.



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