Department of pedagogy and psychology


Head of the Department: Sultanova Nurgul KAMILEVNA was born on August 12, 1969 in Semipalatinsk, now East Kazakhstan region. He started his teaching career in 1988-2002 at the Shynkozha secondary school in Ayagoz District, East Kazakhstan region. Since 2002, she has been teaching at the Department of "music education" of Shakarim State University in Semey.

On June 02, 2007, at the meeting of the joint dissertation Council of the Department for the award of the degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences of Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov 15.50.05.successfully defended his PhD thesis in the specialty 13.00.01. – general pedagogy, pedagogy and history of Education, ethnopedagogics and received the academic degree of candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

On December 27, 2011, by the decision of the committee for control in the field of Education and science of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor (Associate Professor) in the specialty pedagogy.

In 2016, Sagidolda Altynbek-zhet, a 4th – year student of Group P-443 with a Diploma of the III degree in the discipline "choral conducting" in the specialty "5B010600 - music education", took part in the VIII Republican subject Olympiad of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Taraz State Pedagogical Institute in Taraz. Sultanova N. K., awarded.

On March 17-18, 2018, at the Republican student Olympiad in the discipline "teaching music" in the Kurmangazy State Conservatory in Almaty, Sharifolla Balausa, a student of the P-443 group under the guidance of N. K. Sultanova, took the III prize place and was awarded a diploma for training at a high professional level.

On April 27, 2019, he was elected an academician member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan.

Scientific works: author of 2 monographs, 10 textbooks, 22 teaching aids, 2 special courses, more than 200 scientific articles.


Pedagogy and Psychology department was founded in 2003. Since 2007 the department is headed by Ph.D. FD Izbasarova.

For 10 years, operates branch of the department on the basis of KSU converged №38. PPS department provides technical assistance to primary school teachers, conducting joint seminars, takes part in metodobedinenii primary school teachers. Concluded an agreement on joint scientific research with KSU School №42 with boarding schools and MSPE nursery garden "Aigolek" for the study of children with mental retardation, integrated in the educational environment. Yearly seminars to discuss the results of research.

A program of academic mobility. Senior lecturer PhD Kundakova AB and Master Imanbekova GB read lectures in Innovative Eurasian University of Pavlodar city. For the specialties of the department "Pedagogy and Psychology" course of lectures was read Kolmogorova LS Ph.D. from the Altai State Pedagogical University and Kravtsova, TM of Pavlodar Innovative University of Eurasia.

Each year, students in the department are involved in research work, win prizes: Marchenko N. took 1st place in the international conference held in Barnaul; M. Kravchenko took the 3rd place, making a presentation at an international conference in Almaty; Ryspekova D. took 1st place in the international scientific-theoretical conference in Karaganda; Kuttubaeva A. took the 3rd place in the international scientific conference held in University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University; A. Toyshibekova took 2nd place in the international scientific student conference, held at SSU. Shakarim.

On three undergraduate specialties trained 373 students and one graduate specialty trained 101 master's degree.

The department trains specialists in bachelor 3 full-time and part-time offices and 1 specialty Magistracy:

5B 010200 Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education;

5B010300 Pedagogy and Psychology;

5B050300 "Psychology";

6M010300 "Pedagogy and Psychology".


Laborant of Department: Leshenko Alfia Evgenevna

Semey, Schmidt str 44, 32 cab

8 (7222) 77-31-12, 8 (775) 257-31-49

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