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Dear friends!

KazHJIU proud of its graduates, among them talented scientists, government officials, heads of organizations and institutions, businessmen. Today, everyone has their own lives, their achievements, successes, concerns and joys. But we are all united by the proud name of the graduate KazHJIU. Each of you with love and warmth remembers the time spent at the university.

Graduates form a kind of brotherhood of people belonging to their common alma mater, which gave them a start in professional life.

If you want to increase the glory of native high school, we invite you to participate in the Alumni Association KazHJIU.

The association is deeply interested in the social advancement of its members. The University will assist you in finding personnel for your organization, will assist in the implementation of joint innovation projects, provide an opportunity to study at the university of your future employees within the target admission, will provide an opportunity to become a sponsor projects Alma Mater, will help expand the circle of professional contacts.
University awaits your participation in socially significant events. Any your initiative does not go unnoticed.
We would like to keep in touch with all alumni KazHJIU, inform about upcoming events at the University, invites you to participate in programs and activities of the Association and the entire university. We will help graduates meet with each other and with the teachers. To do this, we create a database of graduates KazHJIU.
Everyone will be written in golden letters in the history of the university, the history of the Alumni Association KazHJIU.

If you have a desire to do something useful for themselves and the university – we offer you to throw the completed questionnaire by

I wish all the graduates KazHJIU health, happiness, success, peace and goodness!

Chairman of the Alumni Association KazHJIU – Danilov Alexander Aleksandrovich

Executive Director – Shogelov Sanat Galymovich

The initiators of creation:

Kaidarova Gulshat Kaydarovna

Baygundinov Eldos Nagymbaevich

Bauyrzhan Rymbek Bauyrzhanovich

Kambarov Azamat Kambaryly

Akabaeva Madina Otanovna

Temirgazin Roman Hurmatulaevich

Rsymbetova Diana Rinatovna

Создано 11.01.2016

Обновлено 28.01.2019