At the present time scientific areas are developing quite dynamically. Publication of research results is an extremely responsible and important step for the scientist. There appears new original ideas, theories deserving the closest attention of scientific community. Besides, existence of a certain number of publications is indispensable condition at protection of thesis  works.

Scientific publishing activities of KazHJIU is given new impulse it became an international magazine since 2016. Number ІSSN 2519-2388 is assigned in the international centre in Paris. Number of primary state registration is №6840-Zh., 27.01.2006 y.

New modern design of the magazine was accepted, the corporate policy of development is developed, the editorial board of the magazine is changed.

From 2016 a magazine will conform to the new requirements of scientific magazines.

Publication frequency of the magazine 4 times a year. Articles for the magazine are accepted in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Directions of the publications in the international magazine: "Bulletin of KazHJIU"

  • Juridical sciences
  • Economic sciences
  • Pedagogical sciences
  • Philological sciences
  • Philosophical sciences
  • Historical sciences
  • Engineering sciences
  • Natural sciences