Education at the Faculty of Law KazHJIU prestigious, it is - the pledge of quality training.

Faculty of Law of the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University prepares highly qualified legal personnel that are in demand not only in the region but also in the country.

Since 1998, the Faculty operated as a division of the Kazakh State Law University, which was reorganized into the Kazakh State Academy of Law in 2000, and in 2002 - in the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University.

Since 2007, the Faculty of Law is one of the 4 KazHJIU faculties.

Activity in the part of Kazakh State Law University, a leading institution of the republic, which is a structural subdivision of the faculty is for 17 years, has borne fruit.

The high level of training of lawyers provided by a team of highly qualified teachers. Currently on the faculty are 2 doctor of juridical sciences, 2 doctors PhD and 47 candidates sciences.

As part of the 3 Department of the Faculty of Law: Criminal Law, Civil Law Disciplines, state-legal disciplines.

In the educational process are widely used: the courtroom, a computer room applications, and Internet access; Criminalistics Laboratory, with visual aids, video equipment, computers, photo lab and forensic laboratories.

The faculty has created all conditions for realization of creative potential of students. The department has student scientific circles. Students of the department actively participate in scientific conferences, held annually at the university, as well as in national and regional conferences, contests and competitions.

Our students are able not only to study hard, but also to live a full, exciting student life. They develop the institution of the student government, KVN play, participate in sports activities of the University, will organize public concerts and charity events.

At the Faculty of Law functioning PF "Commonwealth Young Lawyers", Legal Clinic (provides free legal advice to the population).

For 17 years, graduated from the faculty of over 11 thousand lawyers. They are in demand in the labor market and successfully working in central and local government, law enforcement agencies, in many firms and companies, including foreign ones.

With a view to the international recognition of academic titles and degrees, ensuring academic mobility of students, teachers, researchers, the transition to a three-tier system of education (bachelor - master - doctorate).

Kazakhstan Minister of Education and Science of the Order in the 2008-2009 academic year, the university opened magistracy on specialty 6M030100 Law.

In the 2010-2011 academic year - PhD doctoral specialty 6D030100 Law.

Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages ​​on specialties:


5В030100- Jurisprudence

5В030300 - Law enforcement


6M030100 - Jurisprudence

PhD Doctorate

6D030100 Jurisprudence

Speciality 5В030100-Law

The sphere of professional activity

Privacy, security, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the state, individuals and legal entities, arising in the legal sphere.

Objects of professional activity:

- Law enforcement authorities;

- Judicial, executive and representative bodies of state power and administration;

- Public and private predpriyatiya4

- Advocacy;

- Banks;

- Insurance and audit companies

Professional activities

BA in 5В030100 - Legal can perform the following professional activities:

- Organizational and management activities in state bodies and institutions;

- Law enforcement in the internal affairs, financial police, national security, prosecutor's office, judicial institutions, and so on;

- Educational or teaching activities in secondary specialized educational institutions.

Typical tasks of professional activity

- Improving the protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen;

- Protection and promotion of entrepreneurship;

- Prevention of offenses;

- The protection of human and civil rights.

Speciality 5В030300-Law Enforcement

The sphere of professional activity

Law enforcement activities aimed at prevention, investigation and disclosure violations, ensuring the rule of law, the fight against crime and other offenses.

Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of graduates are the law enforcement and judicial bodies, secondary and secondary vocational schools.

Professional activities

BA in 5В030300- Law enforcement can perform the following professional activities:

- Certain types of legal practice: investigative, investigative and forensic, investigative, economic, operational and investigative, operational, economic, operational and forensic, legal and administrative, criminal-executive, lawyer, expert, notary;

- Pedagogical activity in educational and profes-sional srednih- schools.

Typical tasks of professional activity

- The protection of human and civil rights;

- Protection and promotion of business and other, do not contravene the laws of activity;

- Prevention of offenses;

- Strengthening the rule of law.

Specialty Magistracy 6M030100 - Jurisprudence

Training in the magistracy is conducted in two directions:

- Profile (LL.M.)

- Scientific-pedagogical (Master of Laws)

The objects of professional activity of graduates graduate are:

by profile preparation - law enforcement, executive, representative and judicial bodies of the state power management, advocacy, banks, insurance and audit companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations;

with scientific and pedagogical training - the above-mentioned objects, as well as research organizations, higher education institutions.

Master of Laws can work as:

- Investigator and senior investigator, prosecutor, judge, inspector, bailiff;

- A lawyer and head of legal advice;

- Notary;

- Expert;

- Managers and specialists of legal, organizational, analytical and personnel departments in public and private bodies and institutions;

- Lawyer in the public and private organizations;

Master of Law can work as:

- Research fellow, leading specialist in research institutes, public and private organizations;

- Lecturer, senior lecturer in universities.

Professional activities

Master's graduates in the specialty 6M030100 - Legal can perform the following professional activities: management of administrative, expert and advisory, legal, organizational and management, as well as scientific and pedagogical training - pedagogical, organizational and methodological activities.

training Dates

The standard duration of the development of educational program of magistracy depending on direction and previous training is: profile - 1 year, scientific and pedagogical - 2 years.

Graduates who successfully mastered educational master programs, prepared for doctoral studies.

Requirements to the level of training received

Applicants must have a state approved appropriate level of higher education.

Admission to the Master's degree on a competitive basis on the results of entrance examinations in accordance with the Model Rules of admission to the magistracy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

PhD course specialty 6D030100 «Law»

In order to improve the training of the teaching staff, as well as the modernization of post-graduate education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, since 2010, the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University, on the basis of the Faculty of Law are being prepared scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher kvalifikatsii- Dr. PhD.

PhD course KazHJIU, provides training for doctoral research - pedagogical direction, term of study - 3 years.

Doctoral implements educational and professional programs of higher research and teaching in the field of education, professional specialization:

The educational program of doctoral (PhD programs) - is continuously updated training and research complex, which is determined by the trajectory of doctoral education and ending a successful defense of the dissertation.

The first two years of study in the doctoral PhD doctoral students are required theoretical training and are engaged in research work. At the end of each semester, they are required to take an intermediate certification and report on the work done research work within the framework of the research. In the third year of study they are fully engaged in the issues of writing the thesis and prepare for public defense. Each PhD students to have two executives mentors: domestic and foreign supervisors.

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