Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining (IPC and PC) KAZHJIU established in accordance with the Rector's order dated August 28, 2014 year.

The main goal of IPC and PC KAZHJIU is the training and re-training:

- Heads of universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens in areas of activity;

- Teachers of universities and colleges;

- Employees of private entities in the provision of works and services.

The main goals and objectives of the IPC and PC KAZHJIU.

The purpose of a IPC and PC is to meet the needs of specialists of enterprises (associations), organizations and institutions of civil servants to obtain new knowledge about the achievements in their respective fields of science, technology and culture, advanced domestic and foreign experience.

Task IPC and PC: the organization and carrying out of professional training for audience further training in accordance with state requirements for a minimum content of training programs, retraining and skill level requirements.

Courses and IPC and PC KAZHJIU ensure a high level of training of audience .

Organization of theoretical courses is based on a modular principle. Audience can choose from several courses modules.


206Director of the Institute: Karajanov Malik Dulatovich

Academic degree and title: Doctor of Philosophy majoring in "Jurisprudence» (PhD), docent of KAZHJIU

A specialist in the problems of the theory of evidence in criminal proceedings (2007) conceptual problems Environmental Security (criminally-legal and criminological aspect) (2013).

Research interests: Topical issues of environmental safety in the criminal and criminological aspects, questions of criminal liability for violation of environmental regulations and requirements.

Author of more than 80 scientific works, including 4 educational and practical manuals, 4 monographs. Two manuals of which have exclusive copyright "Forensic evidence theory". Textbook. (Inventor's Certificate of №988 from June 3, 2014 the Republic of Kazakhstan on Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice) and "Public Prosecutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Textbook (Inventor's Certificate of №961 from May 29, 2014 the Republic of Kazakhstan Committee for Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice).

Karajanov Malik  Dulatovich is one of the authors of the research project on the topic "Theoretical and legal problems of the non-state detective work to ensure the rights of persons and entities involved in the sphere of criminal proceedings", funded by Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012-2014 gg ).

The head of the UN Program Project on Kazakhstan, "Joint Programme" Raising Competitiveness of the Region through Innovative Approaches to Regional Planning and Social Services (for example, Semipalatinsk region) "(2014-2015).

Winner of the state grant "The best teacher of high school - 2014"

Certificates and certificates: 1. Certificate of the National Accreditation Centre of MES RK for the development of the seminar "The Bologna Process. The external evaluation of universities at the institutional accreditation procedure "on November 27-28, 2008 Certificate of the development of the course" Distance education technologies "at the Center for training and retraining of the Kazakhstan-Russian University from October 04 to October 13, 2010 g; The certificate holder 3 place in the category "Best Researcher of the Year 2013" competition KAZHJIU; Certificate of 11 December 2014 the company Scopus. Scientific training in the Altai Academy of Economics and Law in 2015; Doctoral studies at the Institute of MJ RK 2015 legislation;



Zhanabayeva Zhadyra Yergalikyzy

Specialist of the Institute of training and retraining of personnel KazHJIU

E-mail: vestnikkazgyuiu@mail.ru

Тел: 8 707 968 58 08

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