“KazHJIU – my Alma mater” 27.11.2015

The event «Altyn uyaga tagzym» – «KazHLU – my Alma mater»

Nation plan "100 concrete steps. The modern state for all ":

"88-step. Development and implementation of a national project to promote the idea of ​​the Society of Universal Labor, which aims to promote the idea of ​​Universal Society of Labour, taking into account plans for the implementation of infrastructure development program "Nurly Zhol", the second five-year plan of industrialization, as well as personal stories of success of Kazakhstan (the heroes of our time), achieved thanks public policy results in high labor, business, scientific, educational and other professional activities during the years of independence ... "

Date: November 27, 2015

Venue: the main building of Kazakh State Law Innovative  University, Lenina 11; educational building №1 KazHJIU Abaya 94

Time: 14.00 - 19.00.

Organizers: Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University, the NGO "Association of graduates of KazHJIU ."

The purpose of the event: to promote the idea of ​​Universal Society of Labor and the Plan of the Nation "100 concrete steps."

Event tasks: social support for students from the graduates in different years Kazakh State Innovative University ; demonstration of advanced university traditions; contribute to the definition of civil position of youth, enhance corporate culture. NGO "Association of graduates of  KazHJIU" was created on the initiative of the rector Kurmanbaeva Shyryn Asylhanovna.

KazHJIU is proud of its graduates who have established themselves as talented scientists, successful civil servants, representatives of the business. In the future graduates KazHJIU Association should become a full partner to support social policy Alma mater. For cooperation with the University graduates - one of the important components in the development strategy.

The Association implemented the project «Алтын ұяға тағзым» in which graduates of different years, providing social support to students KazHJIU. For this purpose, a competition "The scholarships support" of the Association of KazHJIU graduates. A total of 40 applications were submitted. From the Association fund this scholarship 700000 tenge was allocated to 14 students. The key event of the project activities was the "History of graduate success KazHJIU", which took place at 17.00 in the Hall of Celebrations of the main building (at Lenina Street. 11). Successful graduates talked about their activities and achievements. In our own experience, they were told how to dispose of the knowledge acquired at university and becoming a professional. Among the speakers Rinat Kemeshov, Head of the collateral of the largest companies in the country, investing in agriculture "KazAgroFinance"; Saule Turarova, managing director of legal support construction companies in Astana, the arbitrator in the ULE "Union of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan"; Aydin Zhanbolatov, commercial director of "Sanmir Astana"; Erkebulan Zhunusov, Head of Supervision Control of the legality in the socio-economic sphere, the Prosecutor's Office of Akmola region; Zhasulan Sarsebaev, Head of Department of Tourism and Foreign Relations of EKO; Gulmira Moldagalieva, which took place even through the ranks from chief specialist to control the head of the international Law of the National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Bauyrzhan Ongarov, Deputy Director of the Legal Department of «KMG Security»; Duman Zhampeisov, Dr. PhD. At the round table alumni and faculty of the university discussed and formulated proposals on the prospects of development of cooperation with employers and the dual program of study. During the event, the ceremony of awarding the successful graduates for contributing to the development and strengthening of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the image of the university badge "Honorary graduate of the KazHJIU."



The meeting participants. Reception of the Rector

The main building of KazHJIU, Lenina 11


Presentation of the Alumni Association at a press conference.

The signing of cooperation agreements on the basis of practices of students KazHJIU

The main building of KazHJIU, a conference room Lenina 11

15.00-16.3 0

Round table on the topic "employer-graduate school: the interaction of dialogue"

Educational building №1 KazHJIU, Abaya 94


Workshops "Debate Game", "Commonwealth Young Lawyers", KVN

Educational building №1 KazHJIU, auditoriumAbaya 94


The main event of «Алтын ұяға тағзым» «KazHJIU - my Alma mater»:

1. The award ceremony the badge "Honorary graduate of the KazHJIU."

2. Presentation of certificates "Alumni AssociationScholarships support KazHJIU "

3. Stories Alumni Success

4. Photographing

The main building of KazHJIU,

Banquet Facilities

Street .Lenina 11


Corporate evening " KazHJIU Mega party"


Meeting with Alumni


Round Table

Meeting with students

Rewarding Alumni

Handing of grant

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