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The library fund consists of documents on various media, both traditional and contemporary. The basis of the fund - it's educational, scientific, scientific and popular publications, fiction, periodicals, audiovisual and electronic documents.

At present, the library fund of about 743,900 copies, including in the official language 370576 copies. Of them :

educational and methodical literature -686578:

nonfiction -35,244:

on the electronic and magnetic base - 2800.

Abonement of landing place

General reading hall
Scientific hall and mediatec hall
Periodical hall
Reading hall of House of Students

The library registered 6,500 readers. This academic staff, researchers, teaching and support staff, students and other categories of university staff.
The library fund consists of: SD- discs - 2800 videokasset- 52, audiocassettes -66, ie, textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, educational programs for the development of knowledge interactively with computers. In addition, there are 318 e-books of their own authoring teams of teachers and students of our university.

Hall of print media has been organized since 2004. The library subscribes to periodicals - 200, including the state language - 102, in a foreign language - 2. There is a card index of magazine and newspaper articles, as well as thematic folders on relevant topics such as:

      "History of the University KazHLU"

      "Prezidenttin Kazakhstan halkyna zholdauy"

      "Kazakhstan 2030"

      "Kazakhstan 2050"


      "Bilim zhanalyktary"


      "Genderlіk Sayasat"

      "Legal reform in Kazakhstan"

      "Alash kayratkerlerі"


A necessary condition for the success of the university library with readers is well-organized reference and bibliographic apparatus. The library maintains a catalog: service, alphabetical, systematic, thematic catalogs newspaper and magazine articles.

The library operates KABIS- program electronic catalog and electronic filing of newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, the University has concluded cooperation agreements with Universal Scientific Library named after Abay, Central City Library, NTB and Semey RMEB Today the library users can use electronic resources, which in 2012, the national program is provided free access.






The library takes an active part in the activities within institutions, in international conferences and scientific seminars.

       The library has 7 librarians of them with higher education - 4 persons and secondary special education library - 3 people. Librarian Dubayev Zauresh Gabasovna, higher education, graduated from Chimkent institute of Al-Farabi culture.

        The library is located in the building №3 on the street Schmidt, 44, kabinet№16, tel.77-34-62 zauresh.d @

Mode of operation: Monday - Friday from 8-00 to 18-00

                             Saturday from 9-00 to 14-00

                             Day off - Sunday

                             The last day of each month: Cleaning Day

Street of House of students library: Iliesheva str., 94, cab. 105

Tel. 77-32-06 

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