Research center “Actual problem of jurisprudance”


The director of the center - Ibragimova Flyura Galimovna

Candidate of legal sciences, a member of the National Educational - Methodical Section in specialty group "Right ."

Address: Semey city, 94 Abay St ,, Main Building

Tel : 8 ( 7222) 56-73-58
RC "Actual problems of jurisprudence" was formed in 2011 (Minutes № 1 dated 01.09.2011) .


The center carries out the organizational and coordinating activities for the research direction of the development division of the university on the basis of long-term research plan , approved by the Academic Council of KazHLIU .
The main aims of the Centre are:
- Implementation of research in the long-term plan of research of KazHLIU ;
- implementation of educational and methodological works on the development and implementation of innovative educational technologies , the organization of all kinds of practices based on educational standards;
- Preparation and Holding of conferences , seminars , symposia , round tables and other events;
- Development of international cooperation in research activities ;
- Support and promotion of research and development projects , their implementation in enforcement.

- To achieve these aims, the Centre has the following objectives :
- Development of scientific research in the field of theoretical and practical jurisprudence ;
- Development of new methods of teaching of legal disciplines in order to increase training for bachelor 's, master's and doctor in jurisprudence and law;
- Conducting research activities of the faculty within the university and inter-university level ;
- To support research projects and faculty, students , undergraduates, doctoral students, searching of sources of financing ;
- Preparation and methodical reviewing of scientific publications ( monographs, articles projects);
- Organization of academic, scientific and methodological conferences , seminars, round tables, forums , contests ;
- Providing advice to individuals in order to increase their scientific and pedagogical qualifications ( masters, doctoral students) ;
- Participation in research projects of the university;
- Reviewing and examination of scientific works in jurisprudence and law;
- Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities , research and educational centers in the field of legal education;
- Cooperation with judicial and law enforcement authorities, enterprises with a view to the mutual exchange of experience and implementation of research results;
- awareness of university and scientific and professional public with the results of the Center through the media.


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