Reseach center of Innovation


The director of the center - Kurmanbayev Yerbol Asylkhanovich

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.

Address: Semey city, 107 Abaya St., 2nd Corps

Tel : 8 ( 7222) 56-44-89
Research Center of Innovation was established in 2011 (Order number 84 of 09.12.2011 ) .

The main tasks of the center:

- Participation in the development and implementation of innovation policies and research activities of KazHLIU .
- Participation in development of infrastructure for the development of innovation in the university and the effective use of scientific potential KazHLIU in the scientific work of the Centre .
- Participation in the republican target programs, grants , competitions , aimed at the development of the region and the country as a whole.
- Ensuring the involvement of government and other grants to conduct research and scientific and technical projects aimed at technological and social innovation, by providing skilled jobs for Applications for corresponding grants .
- The full implementation of the promotion of scientific , scientific- technical projects in the framework of both the state and other grants and scientific program of KazHLIU .
- Exchange of experience in the field of innovation and grant activities with partner universities , scientific institutions, including the development of international cooperation.
- Priority development of basic scientific research in accordance with profiles of training of specialists in KazHLIU as the basis for the development of scientific fields ( schools ), research and teaching staff , improve the quality of the training and qualifications of the teaching staff of the university.
- Information , analytical, methodological support of the faculty , students, graduate students and postdoctoral students of KazHLIU in the field of innovation.
- Copyright protection of researchers , setting the innovation process registration.

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