Миргалиева Куралай Бейбітқызы фото

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region,

Ayaguz s.

Str. Қazhymұқan 15-5

Mob. Tel .: 8775433 25 21

E-mail: kuralai-mirgalieva@mail.ru


Full name: Mirgalieva Kuralaj Beybіtkyzy

General information:

Born: 05.06.1995 year

Nationality: Kazakh

Female: gender

Relationship status: Single

Citizenship: Republic of Kazakhstan

Education: 2012-2016 years. Student Kazakh

Humanitarian Law Innovation University.

Speciality: 5V05100 "State and local control"

Languages: Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent,

English - Level Elementary

Additional Information:

  1. Knowledge computer at the beginner programmer.All text, graphics, multimedia programs.
  2. Free use IP "Paragraph" and the IRS "Adilet" on the Internet.

Personal qualities: responsibility, commitment,

interpersonal skills, ability to work in team.

Hobbies: reading economic literature.


  1. The certificatefor participation in the "In.yaz Tabaruk» attended and completed a course of General English (Level Elementary) from 01.02.2014 to 14.05.2014
  2. Participationinthe International Student Scientific "Strategy of development of regions: Youth and science" Semey. March 19-20, 2015.

The purpose of supply summary: To work on specialty

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