1) Full name: Akhmetovа Farizа Amankeldікyzy

2) Place of birth: EKR Tarbagatai area Aksuat

3) Date of birth: 31.08.1994

4) Nationality: Kazakh

5) Relationship status: not married

6) Languages: Kazakh - native language, Russian language fluent, English with a dictionary

7) Location: Village West KSZHB 36 1

8) Phone: 87026324770, 87472004826

9) E -mail:

10) Education: Faculty of Humanities, Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University.

11) Occupation: 5B011700 "Kazakh language and literature"

12) Computer skills: MS Office, Excel, etc.

13) Additional information: III place at the Olympic Games among students of 1-4 courses in the subjects "Kazakh language and literature" and "Philology", I of a place at the Olympics in specialties "Kazakh language and literature" and "Philology", certificate of attendance ( 72 hours), " Түркі халықтарының тарихы, мәдениеті және тілінің теориялық мәселелері "

14) Personal qualities: responsibility, organization, sociable.

15) Hobbies: reading, poetry, sports, travel, etc.

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