FULL NAME:   Dolanbaev Yernur Aydosyly

General information:

Date of Birth: 14.09.1994 year

Nationality: Kazakh

Gender: male

Family status: single

Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan

Education: 2012-2016 gg. student of the KazHJIU

Specialty: "Social Work"

Languages: Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent, English - Level Elementary

Additional Information:

Computer skills at the level of the novice programmer. All text, graphics, multimedia programs.

Personal qualities: commitment, teamwork.

Enthusiasm: political science and politologiya psychology


  1. The diploma of I degree of protection I to IX of scientific work International scientific conference of students and young "Science and Education - 2015". 2 Diploma I, II Degree of protection of a scientific article in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Mangilik el"

The purpose of supply summary: For employment in the specialty

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region,


December 1

Mob. phone.: 8   775   998 95 94

E-mail:94_ ernur          

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