Name: Kayyrbaeva Ayganym Asylbekkyzy

Date of birth: 1993. 01. 09

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Kazakh

Citizenship: Republic of Kazakhstan

Education: Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University

Speciality: "History" 5V020300

Degree: Bachelor of History

Languages: Kazakh language - mother tongue, Russian - fluent, English with a dictionary

Hobby:   I love reading books, especially history books, I like historical relics, the study of world history,

Goal:   One of the most important goals is to work with a degree in history and further improve the knowledge. Become a teacher of history and give the learner's knowledge. I want to pass on their acquired knowledge. I work hard to achieve their goals.


foundations:   Responsibility, industriousness , Honesty, punctuality.

Address: EKR.

Urjar area


Street: Zarechnaya 11, Apt 3

Mobile phone: 8747200 86 97

Mail Address the E-:

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