Досан Еркежан

Permanent place of residence: East-Kazakhstan region, Semey

Str. Priming check, etc. 4

House phone.: 8 (7222) 518519

Mobile phone .: 8775501 39 90

Email: dosanegkezhan@mail.ru


FULL NAME: Dosan Erkezhan Jumakankyzy

Total tion of information:

Date of birth: 22.06.1 995 Year

Nationality: Kazakh

Gender: female

Family Status:

Citizenship: Republic Kazakhstan

Education:             2012-2016 g. Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University

Specialties: "Biotechnology"

Languages: Kazakh – native, Russian - free, English -Ргеinteгmediate

More information:

1 ) Winner of the state grant, the ROK presidential scholarship

2) Certificate about completion of courses of information design

Personal quality : Responsibility, commitment, timely execution of these tasks, communication

Hobbies:   psychological literature, spirituality, painting, kitchen peoples of the world.


  1. DiplomaI degree for defense research in the international scientific conference of young scientists,andMaster,students
  2. Certifikat

The purpose of filing summary: To work on a specialty.

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