Ясман Асер

Address: Jas Alash 3-15 / 1

Phone: 87781952878

Yasman Аser Nуrdauletуly
General information:  
Date and place of birth: East Kazakhstan region 17.02.1994
Nationality: Kazakh
Family status: Not married
Education: higher
Profession: Standardization, Metrology and Certification
Average rating:  
Power: bachelor
Education and experience: work with GOST

The Kazakh language is the mother;

Russian language free;

English with a dictionary.

Personal qualities: Responsibility activity, the ability to find a common language, teamwork, an organizer
Additional Information: Computer skills, work on the Internet
Achievements Th presidential scholarship winner in 2015, 2016
Scientific research

XIV International conference of students and undergraduates "youth research Science in the XXI century"

International scientific-practical conference "merchandising experience, expertise in modern society products and training"

Interests: Sport
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