FULL NAME. : Ergalieva Goulden Aydynkyzy
Date of Birth: 28.03.1994
Nationality: Kazakh
Family status:      Not married
Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan
Education: 2012-2016 - A student of the Kazakh humanitarian and   Legal Innovation University.
Specialty: "Jurisprudence"
Languages ​: Kazakh - native, Russian, English - fluent, as well as the basics of the Chinese language.

Additional information:


1)       Proficiency in computer applications in the field of office services, there is a certificate of passing the annual rate of computer design and engineering.

2)       Member of the international program «Cultural Exchange», together with the «UNESCO» and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3)       Member of the Republican organization «American Corner», chaired by the US Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4)       KazHLJU activist, participant and organizer of many scientific and recreational activities.

Personal qualities: Purposeful, responsible, communicative, sociable and non-conflicting
Interests / hobbies: Reading books, dancing and sports.



1.       Winner of the (2-position) but the international student scientific-practical conference "Strategy of Development of the Regions: Youth and Science"

2.      Rector of the certificate of "KazHLJU" for participation in the international student conference "Youth and Science: regional and global interests"

3.      A member of the public fund "Commonwealth Young Lawyers' KazHLJU

4.      KazHLJU activist, participant and organizer of many scientific and entertainment, winner of the contest "KazHLJU aruy 2014" and city competitions.

5.      There is a certificate of ownership of the English language at the level of "Intermediate, the certificate" computer literacy ".

6.      Reports in 2014 and 2015 dedicated to the theme of the project Entrepreneurial Code of RK, it was published in thematic, scientific and legal journals.

7.      There are international certificate of Novosibirsk State University

8.      Annual Letter of thanks from the rector of the University KazHLJU


Permanent residence:

EKR, Semey

P.Svyazist Str. 73/ 63

House рhone: 8 (7222) 444145

Mobile рhone: 8 7754333528

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