FULL NAME: Erkіn Ali Erkіnyly

General information:

Date of Birth: 31.01.1994 year

Nationality: Kazakh

Gender: male

Family status: not married

Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan


2012-2016 Kazakh humanitarian Juridical innovative university

2014-2017 Kazakh humanitarian Juridical innovative university

Specialty: 1. "Law"


Languages:               Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent,English - Level Elementary

Additional Information:

  1. Knowledge of the computer at the beginner programmer.All text, graphics, multimedia programs.
  2. Free use of IP "Paragraph" and the IRS "Adilet" on the Internet.
  3. Use of the site:

- Http:// to obtain information about the judicial acts of the Supreme Court and local courts.

- Http:// to obtain information about offenses I and their statistics.

- Http: // guide to the judicial affairs of unified automated information-analytical system of the judiciary of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Personal qualities:    Responsibility, commitment, communication, serious and creative approach to work, organizational skills, ability to work with a team, high performance, full of enthusiasm, experience in decision-making in complex situations.             

Hobbies: Reading books, playing sports, watching and self-development.

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region,


Iliyasheva Str 94

Mobile phone: 8 7051759830, 8 7076567382


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