FULL NAME Nukenov Genghis Kabdulmanapovich
General information  
Date of Birth 16.11.1994 year
Nationality Kazakh
Gender Male
Family status single
Citizenship The Republic of Kazakhstan
Education Of 2012-2016 student of the KazHJIU
Specialty "Law enforcement"
Languages Russian, Kazakh, English
Additional Information Knowledge of the computer's level novice programmer. He owned and actively use text, graphics, multimedia programs. Free use of IP "Paragraph" and the IRS "Adilet" on the Internet. Active use sites to obtain information on the acts of the Supreme Court and local courts, as well receive information about violations and their statistics.
Personal qualities Responsible honest, purposeful, communicative and hard-working, able to work in a team.
Enthusiasm Reading legal literature
Achievements He is head of the  "Asyl Arna" debate club KazHJIU. As part of the work has been working with the students, the school teaches the format of the debate. He was a member of the international, national, regional and city events. Not once was awarded with diplomas and cups.
The purpose of summary To work on specialty

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region,


Valikhanova Str. 119/123 Building 4

Mob. phone: 8702750 00 56

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