Рамазанов Р

FULL NAME: Ramazanov Ruslan Serikovich
Date of Birth: 30.09.1994 year
Nationality: Kazakh
Gender: male
Family status: Not married
Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan
Education: 2012-2016 student of the KazHJIU
Specialty: "Jurisprudence"
Languages: Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent, English - Level Elementary
Additional Information:

1. Knowledge of the computer at the beginner programmer. All text, graphics, multimedia programs.

2. Active use of the website to obtain information about the judicial acts of the Supreme Court and local courts.

3. Instructor NGO "Organization Vsekazahstanskoy Kekushinkay Karate"

4. Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a black belt - first dan, the judge of the first category.

Personal qualities: Responsibility, commitment, communication, serious and creative approach to work, organizational skills, ability to work with a team, high performance, full of enthusiasm, experience in decision-making in complex situations. Driving license category B.
Hobbies: Reading legal literature, sports, karate "Kekushinkay"

1. Diploma of III degree of protection "Olketanu" section of scientific works. "Daryn" scientific - practical center of East Kazakhstan region. 2011 Ust-Kamenogorsk

2. II place in urban intellectual contest "Erudite" 2009 Semey

3.Silver medalist of RK Kekushinkay karate 2009 Aktau

4. Champion of Kazakhstan in karate Kekushinkay 2011 Almaty

5. Multiple champion of city, regional, regional, national and international tournaments.

6. Member trials in criminal and civil cases in Semey in 2016.

The purpose of summary: To work on specialty

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region


Irtysh Str. 17 "E" 8 (7222) 361358

Mobile phone: 87755381817

E-mail: Kyoukushin _

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